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Part of the reason why I got into cooking

In today's video, I'm just posting a quick lunch that my brother made last week. A lot of people ask me how I got into cooking and part of it was just watching my brother cook. He's the type of person to just mix things that sound good together and it works out. He cooks for almost every meal so I'm lucky that I get to try new dishes from him. Another thing that helped me is that I watch a ton of food videos. Whether it be on TikTok or YouTube, I have so many people that I look up to and they inspired me to create new content each day

Additionally, I've been filming in restaurant kitchens for two years prior to the pandemic, so I got to watch certain techniques that the chefs use. I am far from knowledgeable in the kitchen and I got so much to learn, but I'm excited to test new things out and I hope you enjoy watching my journey. So if you weren't able to tell, my brother made Korean pancakes and chicken teriyaki to serve with rice. Then he made a simple spicy soy sauce mix to drizzle over the top and yeah, this was delicious.

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