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Prepping before my next spicy challenge

Most of the time I eat a sandwich before I attempt a spicy challenge to make sure the spices aren’t hitting an empty stomach but someone recently told me that smoothies also helped tremendously. So I ordered a PB&J smoothie from Song Bird Juice company in Wichita, KS. I also noticed that they had acai bowls on their menu so I got one of those.

The smoothie was delicious. It was like a tart PB&J sandwich. I can feel it coating my stomach with goodness. I got their Island Bowl which includes blended acai, mango, and coconut milk. Then it's topped with granola, mango, spinach, coconut, and edible flowers. I felt healthier just looking at it and it was extremely refreshing. I don't know where you all live but in Kansas issa flipping hot. So this cooled me off pretty quickly and each bite felt like the ultimate bite because it has so many ingredients in it. I'm quite confident that this will help protect my stomach from the world's hottest chocolate bar but we'll see.


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