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Re-attempting the Ghost Pepper Noodle Challenge

I am re-attempting the Ghost Pepper Noodle Challenge to see if building my spicy tolerance is actually working. A lot of you are curious about this one so here it is. I cooked the noodles in boiling water, drained it, added sauce, and then mixed it all together.

I think I did this on day 2. I want to see if it's as spicy as I remember it is. Some of you have been asking for it. It still smells spicy.

Still spicy? Yes. As spicy as I remember? I'm not sure. My eyes are still watering, which is very interesting. I think my eyes always water when I'm eating spicy food. I will have to say the flavor is a lot better this time around. Okay, although my eyes are tearing up, the noodles were still pretty spicy. My nose is running. My lips are burning a little bit. I still think it's not as spicy as I remembered it. The last time I had to go straight into the whipped cream cheese and I had to use that to alleviate the spiciness. But this time, the spicy is actually already dying down. I don't feel like I need milk or anything right now. I'm going to count that as a win.


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