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Sharing my most embarrassing dating story as I cook for one

What better day than Valentine's Day to tell you all of my most embarrassing dating story? This was years ago, I have gone a 3-4 dates with the guy. He was really nice and we had the same type of humor and I enjoyed being around him. Then, he said he needed to leave the country for a few weeks for work but would love to see me again when he got back. When he got back he said he had a gift for me. So, he came over and gave me some baklava and proceeded to tell me that he met someone. So, he wanted to let me know that we can still be friends. I was sad but I really respected him for telling me in person.

That same night my roommate and I were going to a friend's house warming party and it was just perfect for me to forget everything. As I was standing in the backyard, I have no idea what compelled me to look through their back door that led into the garage. But I did, and from so far away, I noticed he was there with the girl he just met. I panicked and ran into the bathroom because he had not seen me yet. I called my roommate and friend and they came into the bathroom and I told them what was going on. I couldn't leave because they were in the house but my friend had to give them a tour while I was hiding in the bathroom. As she walked by the bathroom, I heard her say that they were renovating it so it's closed. They went into the backyard and my friend texted me that it was safe to escape through the front. I just look back and think, man, in a city of over 300k people, no mutual friends. How in the world did this happen?


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