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Sorrel's Jamaican Food

Jamaican food is not something you find often in the midwest, especially traditional Jamaican cuisine. Luckily, Sorrel Rhoden and his wife Christine Rhoden have brought it to Wichita, Kansas.

In this video, I visited Sorrel’s Jamaican Food where Sorrel cooked up a Jamaican feast for me to try…everything from Ackee & Saltfish to Jerk Wings…he’s got them.

Their Jerk Wings are cooked on a grill right in front of the restaurant so you can see the smoke as you drive by. And each of their dishes are made-to-order so they said it can take awhile for orders to be ready.

I had a blast on this visit trying all of the dishes and learning more about the Jamaican culture from Sorrel and Christine. They have live reggae on Sundays with 50 cent wings, so I will definitely be coming back for that.

Sorrel's Jamaican Food

222 S Commerce

Wichita, Kansas

(316) 364-3037

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