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Spicy pickled eggs with rice

So in yesterday's video, I was trying to figure out how I can use all the pickled stuff I got. The first thing that came to mind was adding it all to rice with a soy sauce mixture. So I gave it a try. I had the pickled jalapeno eggs, spicy pickled quail eggs, and spicy pickled garlic. I chopped up the jalapenos, garlic, and then the beef jerky. Some of you guys will think this is weird but I only thought of it because it reminds me of pork floss that my parents used to have us eat with rice.

Then I combined the jalapenos and garlic along with some chili garlic sauce and of course the soy sauce with some lime juice. Rice, eggs, and the beautiful soy sauce mixture. Then I topped it off with the chopped beef jerky. This was absolutely delicious and I'll be making this again. It was a little bit salty but I just added more rice and that solved the issue. Would you try this?


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