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Spicy ramen challenge gone wrong

This is story of when a small miscommunication about spicy ramen almost killed me. It all started at this restaurant, Rice and Roll, where they serve ramen with seven different levels of spiciness. I went there to film them making it to post on my Facebook and Youtube. Everything was great until she showed me the bottle pepper extract that they were using, which was one million Scoville.

They mix it in with the hot sauce that is cooked in the noodles. While she was showing me the bottle, the cook was adding ingredients to the box and I asked him to redo it so I could get it for the video. I don't if it was because of my mask or because I was speaking in Vietnamese, that she thought I meant I wanted to get a shot of her pouring the extract on.

So, she poured the one million Scoville, pepper extract, straight on the noodles. At this point, I'm thinking, "Ope" there's nothing I can do. I don't want them to have to make another serving. And, you know what, I can eat spicy food. So, this shouldn't be too bad. Uh, I was wrong! When I got home and took a bite, I thought my heart was going to stop. My lips and stomach were on fire. So, I actually looked up the hot sauce online. It said that you're only supposed to add a freaking drop while cooking and people use this pepper extract for animal repellant. So, that should say enough.


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