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Steak and noodles spring roll with habanero dipping sauce

I got to admit I was pretty excited for this suggestion. Shin ramyun noodles, steak, spinach, egg, and habanero dipping sauce- sign me up. I cooked the noodles, boiled a couple of eggs for seven minutes and then cooked the steak. I actually cooked the noodles last but I wanted to show it first. I just seasoned the steak with salt and pepper and cooked it in cast iron skill. For the dipping sauce, I used a whole habanero, squeezed in some sriracha, and added cane sugar since I didn't have any brown sugar. I blended it up in my not-so-great blender. I felt like the habanero flavor would be too strong so I added some more sriracha. My nose was definitely tingling at this point from the spice.

Then, I slice the steak and the eggs. Next, I prepared some rice paper by dipping it in warm water. I get asked this quite often, where do I get my rice paper holder? I get mine from a local Asian grocery store but you can also find different versions online. I added the noodles, steak, spinach, and egg to the rice paper and rolled it up. One-hand spring roll for the win. You know? I was a little worried that the sauce would be too spicy but it turned out pretty good. It had a nice spice flavor to it which paired nicely with the roll.


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