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The one and only time I sang in public

You guys gotta trust me on this one. You do not want to hear me sing. The one and only time I sang in public was in an epic way and turned into an epic fail. I was in Vietnam and I was sitting in a street eatery with my brother-in-law and some of his friends. We were eating a bunch of seafood and drinking when a man rode his bike up to us. He had a huge portable speaker attached to the back of his bike and he asked us if we wanted to sing.

Somehow my brother-in-law persuaded me to do it, so he handed over money to the man and gave me the mic. I started singing the only Vietnamese song I knew which was 60 Nam Cuoc Doi and I absolutely butchered it. There were at least 30 people sitting at the tables around us staring and laughing at me. Never again y'all, never again.


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