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Trying banana dipped in soy sauce

I recently saw my friend Jeanelle post a video of her trying a banana dipped in soy sauce and she liked it so I want to give it a try myself. I love bananas and I love soy sauce so what could go wrong. I just peeled the banana and sliced it up. Jeanelle said to try it with a little soy sauce and then a lot to see which one was better. It wasn't bad but it wasn't amazing either. There are subtle hints of the banana trying to overpower the saltiness of the soy sauce. Next, I tried it with a lot of soy sauce and I'd say I like this one more but it still wasn't hitting the spot for me. I decided to add some chili garlic sauce because this is a simple mix I make all the time to dip other things in. And 10/10 I would not recommend doing that. Overall, banana with soy sauce was good but I probably won't combine them again.


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