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Trying cow intestine tacos for the first time (tacos de tripas)

If you know me, then you know that I love tacos. So when my friends at Pinole Blue told me that they were making tacos de tripas, I jumped at the chance to give them a try even when they said that they were cow intestine tacos. First, they cut up some onions to fry in oil along with a couple of jalapeños. These were used as toppings on the tacos later on. Next, they cut up the intestine into bite size pieces and added it to the hot oil. I have to say at this point, it was already smelling really good. So they made two versions for me to try. The first one was very crispy and they fried up a second batch so that they can make a softer version. I'm told that the crispier one is more popular.

They heated up some of their blue corn tortillas after dipping it in the oil. And next up was the prep for the taco toppings. Lime, cilantro, you know the basics. Then they assembled the tacos and it looks so simple but the marriage of all of these ingredients come together to make something amazing. The softer intestines are ready to go, so I added the toppings and took a bite. Personally, I like the softer version more because they remind me of a Vietnamese dish that my parents make. Also, this is not an ad but please go support Pinole Blue's channel. They've been extremely supportive in all my endeavors and I'd like to return the favor whenever I can.

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