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Trying Cucumber Lime & Tajin

This video is a shout out for LitG14. You have been dedicated to joining my Twitch streams to tell me one thing and one thing only. And that's to try cucumbers with lime and tajin. So we're going to do it. I peeled the cucumber and this action was oddly soothing. Then, I chopped it up and as you can tell, I'm still working on trying to cut things evenly. Then, I plated the cucumber and sliced up some lime that looked a little discolored but I'm sure it's fine. If not, this might be the last video you'll see from me.

I decided last minute to add Matt's Himalayan flakey salt since it sounded like it would work well with these ingredients. And you got to admit, it looks pretty on the cucumbers. Then, I added the tajin but I accidentally got a little heavy handed. I don't think I was supposed to add that much. Was my mouth watering at this point? Yes, yes it was. This was everything I hoped it'd be and more. Salty, sour, juicy, and refreshing. On the ones that had too much tajin, I just made it kiss the other cucumbers so it could transfer some of the chili salt


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