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Trying durian as an adult

I haven't had durian since I was a kid and respectfully, I did not like it. The taste and smell was just too strong for me. In my defense, this fruit is banned from a lot of hotels and airplanes. So I'm going to try it again now that I'm older and supposedly wiser so maybe things will go better this time. Also, I had no fricking idea how expensive it was. I just plopped it into my cart and this turned out to be $100! I don't know how to cut it up so I brought it over to my parents to do it. My parents love durian so it was no hardship for them. So my dad cut out, I guess, you can say 3 compartments of the fruit and we thought there was none left but my mom was insistent there was more. I'm glad she did because there was and that would've been money and food down the drain.

Then, funny enough she insisted there was more after that and yeah, she was right again. Okay so I tried it and although it wasn't nearly as strong as when I was a kid, I still can't get into it. I think maybe if I ate it a few more times, I could like it more.


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