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Trying Halo-Halo at Jollibee

I posted a video of me trying Jollibee a couple of weeks ago and a bunch of people asked me to try the peach mango pie since I tried the ube one. I'm currently in California and Jeanelle is driving me around so I asked her to stop at Jollibee so I can finally try it. I also wanted to try the spicy chicken since they were out of that when I went with Phillip. Unfortunately, they were out of the peach mango pie and the spicy chicken. I was pretty sad but I ended up ordering their halo-halo and Jeanelle ordered the Ube pie since she hasn't tried it yet.

The halo-halo had beans, jellies, and jackfruit at the bottom, shaved ice and it was topped with ube and jackfruit ice cream along with some leche flan. Jeanelle told me to mix it all up but to be honest I didn't know where to start. I almost lost the Ube ice cream at one point but I eventually figured it out. You got to mix it up real good and bring the stuff at the bottom to the top and then we couldn't stop laughing because a piece of string would show up and get sucked back up over and over. She told me it was a jackfruit string which makes a lot of sense but it was still fun to watch. I love this dessert. It was perfect in this hot weather.

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