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Trying Hawaiian Hurricane Popcorn

Holly and I needed to catch up on some Handmaid's Tale, so I decided to try the hurricane popcorn that Philip told me to get in Hawaii. I thought it was just going to be the popcorn bag inside the packaging but there is some other stuff. The packaging says that the normal popping time is between 1 to 5 minutes which I feel like is a pretty big range. I decided on 2 minutes just to be safe. I've burnt popcorn before and that was an unpleasant smell in the house for awhile. Here's Holly offering some wise words.

Then you're supposed to transfer the popcorn to the plastic bag that was provided. Add the mochi, which are rice crackers, and it's mixed with the Nori. And of course, you got to add the butter. Then you just shake the bag until it's well mixed. I had to shake for quite awhile. I really enjoyed this popcorn. The rice crackers added a sweetness to the popcorn while the Nori added just a hint of saltiness. Mixed with the butter and this was just perfect. Then, I hid under the blanket while watching the show with Holly because that show is intense.


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