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Trying jalapeno eggs

I was visiting a local meat market for some steaks and this jar of jalapeno eggs caught my eye. I couldn't resist so I had to add it to my order. Then I saw that they made spicy pickled quail eggs and I had to grab that too. Then I saw that they also made spicy pickled garlic and I got that. Okay and the last thing I saw was some hot jerky. So I had trouble opening the first jar and I considered calling out to my roommate to open it but then I remembered she was out of town so I had my cat do it. JK. I figured out how to do it myself.

It could probably use another week or two in the jar because it was still pretty potent. I tried the Quail eggs next and they were delicious. The inside was still creamy and the brine had a very nice kick to it. Next I had the beef jerky and by the way, I love beef jerky. I can eat bags on bags on bags of it. So their jerky was good but it wasn't spicy so I was curious to see what peppers they used and it's red pepper garlic powder and last but not least, I have the jalapeno eggs. I tried to fish them out with chopsticks and had a little success. I love these. They were the perfect mix of spicy and pickle'ness. Although I enjoyed all of these, I got to figure out how to eat it all.


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