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Trying Jollibee

I got to meet up with a good friend of mine who's also a fellow food content creator. Phillip flew over from Oahu to show me around to some spots in Maui. Our first stop was at Jollibee, sadly we don't have any of these in Kansas. I always get FOMO when I see people eating it because it looks so good. I tried one bite of their chicken a couple of years ago and honestly, I don't remember how it tasted so this is like a new experience. We ordered their fried chicken, spaghetti, ube, and pineapple juice. I love Filipino spaghetti. It has carrots and hot dog bits in it and it's sweet. I'm going to try Janelle's recipe when I get the chance. The chicken was super juicy and the skin is crispy. I poured the gravy over the top and that took it to the next level and the ube pie was the perfect sweet ending to this delicious meal. By the way, Jollibee, if you're watching, please come to Kansas thanks!

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