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Trying Mike's Mighty Good Ramen

So I've been seeing a bunch of videos about this brand of ramen recently. I thought you had to buy them online but I was perusing Wal-Mart and saw them. So, I grabbed them to see how they would taste. It's Mike's Mighty Good Ramen, their chicken version. I'm intrigued by the fact that they make their own noodles from scratch.

It comes with an oil packet, noodles, and the seasoning packet. The instructions are to add boiling water to the noodles for 6 minutes but it took me a few minutes longer before the noodles completely cooked. Then I added in the seasoning packet and oil. The first thing to do is to try the broth. I'm actually pleasantly surprised. It was rich and creamy and not something you'd expect coming out of a seasoning packet. I did want a little spice with it so I added some chili oil. This was pretty good. I think I would actually buy this again.

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