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Trying more Indian dishes

I ordered some Indian dishes that I've never had before from a restaurant called Passage to India in Wichita, KS. I got the shrimp biryani, basmati rice, chicken dahiwala, baigun vorta. palak pakora. Which is a fried chickpeas patty made with spinach and spices. I'm not sure what I was dipping it in but it had a nice kick to it. These were very addicting and although they were fried, they were still very refreshing. I went after the chicken dahiwala first and no joke, I was blown away by the flavors. I order medium spice so my roommate could try it as well.

Next up, I had the baigun vorta which is a puree of baked eggplant sautéed with onion, and peas and tomatoes. This dish had many different textures hidden inside the creamy sauce and I've had chicken biryani but I've never had shrimp so I thought this would be interesting. It's definitely another winner. I can't pick a favorite because I loved everything and evening mixing some of them together created some more winners. And then I had the mango lassi last which I'm not sure if that was correct to drink at the end or if I was supposed to drink it during. Trying all these food is definitely helping me narrow down what Indian dish I want to try cooking first.

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