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Trying Saimin for the first time

When we visited the Ilocandia Filipino store we noticed that there was an eatery called Number 1 BBQ right next door. We came back a few days later to give it a try because the food looked really good.

They serve Hawaiian BBQ, breakfast, and Chinese food. We ordered their garlic shrimp, teriyaki steak, and BBQ short ribs that came with rice and mac salad. Next to the window where you order your food, there's a bunch of outdoor seating to eat at. I opted for the saimin noodles because I've heard this was Hawaii's noodle dish. It came with a fried egg and chicken and it was topped with green onions. The broth wasn't too rich and the noodles were nice and chewy. This was a simple, hearty, comfort dish. Something I definitely would eat again.


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