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Trying Strictly Dumplings’ hotpot kit

One of my biggest foodie inspirations is Mike Chen aka Strictly Dumpling on YouTube. I will literally open up his videos and watch him eat while I'm eating. When he announced he was making hot pot kits, I knew I had to give it a try. Luckily I was able to order one before they sold out. He has two different kits and I got the smaller one since we already have pot and ladles. It includes everything you need to make hot pot, except for any sliced meat or seafood that you can get from the grocery store. It's got the soup bases, ingredients to make dipping sauce, a variety of noodles and dried items to add to the broth. My younger brother had the job to make the sauces which Mike includes the recipes in his guidebook.

Unfortunately, we couldn't use our hot pot because the bottom part was peeling so we set up two burners and put pots on them. Since we had more than two people, we decided to buy additional stuff to make sure there's enough for everyone. I really enjoyed the dipping sauces and broth. Mike definitely knows his stuff and usually I prefer spicy broths, but this tomato broth was so good and I kept coming back to it. The dried mushrooms and bean curd hydrated really quickly in hot broth. Also, if you guys ever find octopus flavored fish balls at the Asian grocery store, you should definitely get them. They are so delicious. I would definitely order this again.


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