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Trying Tomato Pasta Samyang Noodles

I've had these needles in my pantry for a while now and I'm just now getting around to trying them. I haven't tried this tomato pasta version of the Samyang noodles yet, so we'll see how it tastes. It comes with a hot sauce and powder packet. I cooked the noodles, drained them, and then added the hot sauce. I learned this chopsticks trick from reading some of the comments. So thank you to whoever suggested it. I added the powder and mixed it all up. It looked nice and glossy so I plated it and of course I had to cook up the fried egg to top it off with. Then, I had a little kimchi left in my jar so I used that. These were delicious. I actually think I like them slightly more than the regular buldak version. The right amount of spice to tomato flavor. Have you tried these?

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