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Viet Cajun King Crab Legs

1 billion views! My mind is still trying to comprehend that number. I just never thought I'd see in my lifetime but here we are. This definitely would not have been done without all of your help and I wish I could give you some of that food that I'm making but teleportation is not an option yet. So I'm sorry, I'll be eating these king crab legs with my family. Big shout-out to David Nguyen for this butter Cajun sauce recipe. I mixed up butter and spices. His recipe will be down below. Then I used a couple of beers to steam the crab legs for about 10 minutes and my brother had some frozen potatoes and corn so I threw those in as well.

I rarely eat King Crab Legs mostly because they're so expensive so this was a real treat. My nephew got to eat the non spicy parts and he loved it. The crab is flaky. The sauce was spicy and buttery and I couldn't have asked for a better combo. Thank you to you all for sticking with me to 1 billion and cheers to another billion views.


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