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Visiting the home of Da Bomb hot sauce

One of the sauces that I keep seeing you guys recommend is Da Bomb hot sauce, which is featured in the show "Hot Ones". I recently found out that the sauce company "Spicin Foods" is actually based in Kansas City, so I went to go check it out yesterday. They've got a variety of hot sauces along with other spicy foods. Shaq can also be seen chilling in the corner. I grabbed some sauce called "Pain 100%" because it sounds fun and then I found Da Bomb hot sauce chilling in the back in a locked cabinet.

I asked for a bottle of the sauce and I'm glad I decided to make small talk with the employees as I was checking out because I found out that the sauce used in the show is actually Beyond Insanity and I had asked to get the Ground Zero. So I asked them to add Beyond Insanity, which is 135,600 Scoville while the Ground Zero is 321,900. I'm excited to give these a try. Should I try them by themselves or add them to wings like on the show? Give me some ideas.


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