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What my parents thought about me quitting my job

My parents actually found out after I quit my job that I had quit my job. I given them hints before and as parents that are worried about their kids, they want to make sure you're taken care of. Each time I brought it up, they said I would be wasting my college degree. They asked what will I do about health insurance, retirement. Will I be making enough money? Which are valid questions and luckily I had answers for them. But I stopped talking about it to them and my siblings stepped in to tell me to go for it. They told me they had my back in case it all went south.

At that time, I quit my job not to cook but to travel and shoot restaurant videos. My parents found out through social media when I changed my job title. And they were very worried. A part of me also thinks that they didn't know what they were going to tell their friends about my new job situation. They still don't really know what I do to be honest. They just know I shoot food videos and occasionally post them to social media. Now, I do both restaurant and cooking videos.


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