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What's in the Filipino snack box that Jeanelle sent me?

Jeanelle's Eats sent me a snack box that I'm finally getting to unbox. Unfortunately, I didn't get to try the homemade cookies but I think it was worth it to see my roommate and her mom trying them. First up, we have Golden Sweet Corn, we have Boy Bawang, sorry if I'm mispronouncing that, chichacorn, Clover Chips, Chili Cheese Corn Snacks, Piattos Cheese Flavored potato crisps. This one has been highly recommended to try. We've also got some dried green mangoes and I love mangoes in all varieties. Pancit Canton sweet and spicy noodles. Pork Cracklin Curls. Sunflower Crackers Mango Cream Sandwich. Say what? This sounds amazing. And she gave me 2. Some more noodles but Philippine Lemon flavor, Kalamansi. Got some melon cake and Purple Yam Jam with Coconut Sport Strings. Big thank you to Jeanelle for sending me these treats.

If my videos have provided you any value or entertainment, please do me a favor and subscribe to Jeanelle's channel. We've recently become acquainted and as content creators we've been bouncing ideas off each other. And she's talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same. You get the idea. I like the Piattos by the way they're nice and cheesy.


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