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What's your favorite eating style?

I don't know about you all but my favorite way of eating is family style where there are a bunch of different dishes and everyone just grabs some of each item. When I was in Hawaii, we had a group visit to the Honoapiilani food truck park and each person was assigned a truck to order food and bring it back to the table for everyone to share. Growing up, family style is how I ate every single day. My parents would cook two to three dishes. I would make sure the rice was cooked. Eight out of 10 times I would remember to cook it on time. Okay eight out of 10 times is a bit generous but yeah everyone at the table would just grab their food from the middle and eat it with their bowl of rice and now I'm being a big foodie, I want to try everything so ordering a bunch of different dishes ensures that we all get to try a lot of food while not wasting anything but I can also see the downside of this. If someone is a picky eater, they may just want to order a certain dish, cooked the way they liked it and they stick to it and there's nothing wrong with that. What's your favorite style of eating? Side note: is this not the biggest spring roll you've seen or what?


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