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Why I donate platelets

I'm going to answer some questions I got in my last platelet donation video while I cook lunch. What made you donate in the first place? Honestly, it was an accident. I meant to donate blood but missed clicked platelets. When I showed up I was confused but they tested my platelet count which turned out to be on the higher-end. What is a platelet? Platelets are cells in your blood that help it clot so donations can go to trauma patients that just went through surgery, cancer patients going through chemo, or people who just don't produce enough of them.

For your appointment, you check in. They check your iron levels in this machine and then you get put in a chair. I got a free amusement park ride cause my chair lock wasn't working. Then they stick your arm. In the last video, I said it takes 2 to 3 hours and I stood by it. After 15 minutes of already being in the chair. I still have the 133 minutes to go. Your blood goes into this machine which separates the platelets and returns your red blood cells back to you. Do I get paid? No, but you get snacks and drinks afterwards.

My friend's best friend was going through chemo for leukemia and she found out I was donating platelets so she had my friend pass on a thanks because they really needed the platelets after treatment. Sadly, she has passed away since but she, and many others are huge motivators for why I continue to donate.


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