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Why I feed my neighbors

A lot of you were wondering why I feed my neighbors and so I'll let you know how it started. My roommate was out of town for a while for work and she used to be my taste tester and an extra person who would eat all the food I cooked. Since I'm a food content creator, I cook and buy a lot of food. Even though she was out of town, I wanted to continue cooking, to, not only learn but to also post these food videos for you all. But, it's been so much easier cooking in bulk than for one person.

Honestly, my roommate is better friends with our neighbors than I am but we have each other's numbers in case they need to borrow our vacuum or we need to borrow kitchen ingredients. So I thought it would be a great idea to have them taste test my food. I messaged them and they said they would love too. And that's really how it started. Nothing crazy happened. And, I've actually found in the past year that I enjoy cooking for others. Especially when the food turns out good and they like it. They've given me great feedback and I'm looking forward to when they have their bbq's again when they make Brazilian food.

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