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Yakitori-style Salmon

A couple weeks ago Yakitori guy showed me how to make Yakitori chicken and I've been inspired to use my grill again today. So today, I'm going to be making Yakitori inspired salmon. My last salmon video someone said I could use a spoon to descale the fish so I tried that and it worked which was pretty cool. I just sliced the salmon into chunks. For the green onions, you want to get the thickest ones you can find and use the white part of it. Cut it to about the same width as the salmon. I added them to paddle skewers by alternating between the two. Yakitori guy's tare is 3 years old and he's taking it all over the world with him. Since I don't have 3 years, I'm making a quick one on the stove. I'm combining a tablespoon of sugar, two tablespoons of soy sauce, a tablespoon of mirin, and a tablespoon of sake.

I put the skewers on the grill and messaged Yakitori guy because I forgot if I was supposed to add the tare during cooking or at the end. He didn't message back for a few hours so I ended up just doing it throughout. It's supposed to be at the end by the way. So I kind of fudged up the first flip because the salmon was stuck to the grill and I thought I ruined the whole thing but luckily it only happened on the first flip. I just turned the salmon every so often so it wouldn't burn and I forgot to spray it with sake throughout and sprinkle sugar at the end but they still turned out really good. Plus my neighbors like them so I'll take that as a win.

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