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Yes, I have a stuffy voice but at least I have overcooked steak to go with it

I've always been self conscious about my voice. It started years ago when I used to play online games after school and I rarely talked in game because people always commented that I sounded like a little boy. I still get anxiety when I have to talk in a zoom call or now in clubhouse. The past year has helped me tremendously and not only showing more of my face in videos but also incorporating more voice overs.

I've been so happy to be able to do voice overs because sometimes I just don't feel like getting in front of a camera. Now I can share a lot of stories and food related things while showing some food content. I get a lot of comments about the stuffiness of my voice and so I try and redo my voice overs sometimes up to 10 times to figure out what's going on. I've sent my videos to my friends and asked them if I sound the same as I do in real life and they say I sound the same. So honestly, I made this video to say this is me, this is my voice, I'm sorry if it makes you uncomfortable. But, I'm really not going to let this hinder my ability to keep pumping out content.


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