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"You only have 500 subscribers"

Some of you know that before I cooked random stuff in the kitchen, I was shooting 2-3 restaurant videos per week to try and build my brand. Youtube was always the hardest platform for me to break into. A little over a year ago I was at a restaurant shooting some of their dishes and talking to the owner about the platforms I was on. When we went into the kitchen, he told his employees that I was on Youtube and they proceeded to ask me how many subscribers I had. And I proudly said 500 because it was really hard for me to get to that point. They all started laughing. One of them said "500? What is that going to do?. And man, I was so mad but I'm also a non- confrontational person so I didn't say anything and just ignored them for the rest of the visit.

I don't say this for empathy or pity, I just get asked sometimes what keeps me motivated. And honestly, part of it is this, I turned that anger into a feeling to prove them wrong. Now, this should not be 100% of your motivation because that's a dangerous game. But, if you're struggling with negative comments and hate from random people, either forget about it or use it to your advantage.

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