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Spicy Wrap at Longboards Wraps with the Kapsaicin Kid

My next adventure with Aaron aka the Kapsaicin Kid takes us to Longboards Wraps & Bowls in Mission, Kansas. They’re known for making unique and tasty wraps, and they have a total of 6 locations.

They make a sauce in-house called the Napalm Sauce, and it’s made with habanero peppers, Thai chilies, and jerk sauce. The sauce is one of the ingredients in their special wrap called the 5 Alarm Steak Wrap.

When we arrived, the manager asked Aaron if he wanted to make his own wrap, and of course he did! The 5 Alarm Steak Wrap consists of steak, pepperjack cheese, pico de gallo, rice, spicy Chinese sauce, and Napalm Sauce.

If you want to see how Aaron rated the wrap, check out the video through this link! Also, big shout-out to the owner, Gilbert Macapagal, for hooking up Aaron with a goodie bag!


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