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The Kapsaicin Kid Tries Lao Spicy Lao Food for the First Time

A few months ago I noticed that Aaron aka The Kapsaicin Kid was in the hospital, and I asked his mom if there was anything I could do to help. She said it would lift his spirits to continue trying spicy foods.

So I contacted Anourom Thomson of Anousone, and asked him if he could whip up any spicy dishes for Aaron. Of course, he came through and made some spicy Khao Poon and Papaya Salad.

Aaron is currently waiting on a new heart and his wait day is #673. Hopefully, he gets one soon. He's the strongest and most outgoing kid I know.

Please support Aaron by following him on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.


located in Strang Hall

7313 W 80th Street

Overland Park, Kansas

(913) 210-0475

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