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Breakfast ramen buns

So this idea has been marinating in my head for a while now. When I think of breakfast, I think of bacon and eggs. So at first I was just going to make the spicy noodles with bacon and eggs on top. And now that I've been testing out different ramen buns, I thought I'd give it a try. In my last couple of videos, I used the grands flakey biscuit dough but as I was filming this, I realized I got the wrong one, but the show has to go on. I rolled out the biscuit dough and then I cooked the noodles. I thought I'd give the carbonara ones a try in the buns. This dough is a lot more delicate than the flakey version, so I was a little scared to wrap these to be honest. I added the egg in first, the noodles, and then the crispy bacon.

Wrapping it was a little nerve wracking, but I got through it without too much trouble. Got to make sure to pinch the top so it doesn't open. Since this dough is a little bit different, I steamed it for 10 minutes first. And since it looked a little undercooked, I added an additional three minutes. These fluffed up a lot more than the other versions. Were these good? Yes, I loved them, but I think it needed a salty element so next time, I'll try adding spam to it.


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