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Day 10 of trying to build my spice tolerance Pt. 1

Today's day 10 of trying to build my spice tolerance and I'm trying spicy chicken nuggets from McDonald's. It's got spicy in the name, so it's got to be spicy, right? And since you're probably wondering if I've lost my mind, I'm pairing these nuggets with Elijah's hot sauce. They saw my videos and asked if I wanted to try their sauces and I was like "Why not?" They've got a ghost pepper sauce, reaper sauce, and the regret sauce. A lot of you have suggested yogurt to help with the spice, so I've got that on the side.

Okay, so I'll start from the bottom spiciest, which I think is the ghost pepper sauce. How crazy is that to think this is the least one? That actually smells really good. Whenever I watch people do hot sauce reviews and stuff, they pour it onto a spoon but...hmm. That was delicious. It's got a very good tangy flavor to it. The next one I'll do is...I think this reaper sauce comes before the regret sauce. That was a little bit too much. My bad. I mean, my bad to myself because you guys aren't experiencing this.


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