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Day 7 of trying to build my spice tolerance ATOMIC WINGS

Well, it has been over a week since I failed the spicy noodle challenge but I just cannot accept defeat. So, I'm going to continue this series and hopefully try the challenge again in a few months or so. Today is day 7 of trying to build my spice tolerance and some of you are suggesting the atomic wings from wing stop. I haven't tried them before. So, here we go. Also, someone suggested that I drink hot water to help with spice. So, I'll put that to the side if I need it.

Alright, so smelling and looking at it, it already looks spicier than the Carolina Reaper, Blazin Challenge from Buffalo Wild Wings.

First wing is done. So far, it is not as spicy as the Blazin Challenge but I do remember when I did the Blazin Challenge it took awhile to kick in. So, I'm going to keep going.

These are not that spicy. Maybe, my taste buds have been burnt off since doing the spicy noodle challenge.

Here we go, last one.

These were definitely not as spicy as the Blazin wings from Buffalo Wild Wings but they had really good flavor.

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