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Everything I ate in a day at my parents' house

I mentioned before that I eat a lot of food when I go to my parents and last weekend I stayed overnight so I thought I'd record everything I ate. My brother grilled up some steak and the propane ran out, that's why the steak doesn't have the best grill marks. He just wanted me to let you all know that. Then, we also have lobster and coconut juice from a coconut that my brother questionably cut open. Next, I had Banh canh, which is a thick noodle soup made with pork broth. Then I had Goi Ca that my mom made which are fish springrolls. It's a mix of fish, ginger, lemon juice, chili pepper, and other stuff.

And this here is one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes. My Auntie made these and they're called Banh Bot Loc which are chewy tapioca dumplings filled with pork and shrimp. Then, that night we cooked some fish over a fire. Don't tell my family but I tried flipping the fish and almost ruined everything. Then, the next morning my mom made a quick beef stir-fry for breakfast. And we had Ca Canh Chua, which is fish sour soup. It has a bunch of stuff like okra, tomatoes, fish, and elephant ear plant. We also had some pan fried yellowtail and pork belly with fish sauce. People always ask me how I became a foodie and this is a big reason why. I got to grow up eating food like this. And food is slowly becoming my food language.

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