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I added leftover lengua to instant ramen

In yesterday's video I made some tacos de lengua and I had some left over. So, I'm adding it to some instant ramen to see how it tastes. A quick thing I wanted to talk about were some comments I received recently. Basically, saying that you guys wanted to see more variety on this channel beside hotpots, steak, and spring rolls. And, I totally agree. I just ask that you be a little patient as I plan my future videos and look up recipes. I'm also re-editing old videos that I have not posted to Youtube with new voice-overs. So you may see a lot of the same types of dishes in my videos. I have so many screenshots of ideas and things to cook but it takes awhile to plan everything, go shopping, and things like that. I appreciate you all and I'm so thankful you're on this journey with me as I try to learn how to cook in the kitchen.

Back to the instant ramen. I cooked per the instructions on the packaging. These are one of my favorite types of noodles by the way. I heated up lengua in the microwave and added it to the bowl. Then, I topped it off with cilantro and red onions. This was absolutely delicious. Everything worked really well together and I also added an egg because, why not? 10/10 I would try this again. Would you give this a try?


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