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I cooked salmon skin-side down first

The last time I made salmon I cooked it meat side down first. So, this time I'm going to try skin side down first. Hopefully I will be able to get a crispier skin. The first tip I saw from my last video was to descale which I've never done before so I'm not quite sure if I did it correctly. Then on one of the filets, I scored the skin so that it could cook evenly. So I was panicking because I forgot which way to cut it and then accidentally scored it too deep. Another tip was to pat the salmon dry with paper towels to get a good sear. I season the skin with some salt and pepper.

I added some oil to a medium hot pan and added the salmon back in. I season with some more salt and pepper. The first salmon was cooking at a much quicker pace than the second one I put in so I'm going to need to talk to the manager, get a new stove or a new pan, because I put them in within ten seconds of each other. After six and a half minutes, I flipped the first one and the middle piece of skin stuck and then ripped and I was sad. I was a little more careful with the second one and it was beautiful. I sliced up the other half of the lemon I used in yesterday's video. And just tossed it in with the oil as a garnish. I plated some of the leftover asparagus from yesterday. The meat was a little bit overdone for my taste. I only added the lemon to make it look pretty but it made the salmon taste much better. I'm happy with the results. Next step is learning how to cut a salmon correctly.

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