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I made spaghetti tacos for my nephew

When people started to ask me to make spaghetti tacos, I thought they were just putting two random foods together but it turns out it's from the show iCarly. I never watched it but I did look up the episode that featured it and now I'm going to make them for my nephew. It seems really simple, just make some spaghetti and put it in a hard taco shell. I gave it a try and it wasn't bad but I wasn't mind blown either. I just couldn't marry both of the foods in my mouth and you know what made it better? Just a little bit of sriracha but my opinion doesn't matter. The most important one is my nephew's.

Okay the boss has spoken. He thinks it's good but it hurts his neck. He actually did like it though. He finished the taco and then for breakfast the next day he asked for more.


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