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I made Spicy Garlic Butter Mashed Potatoes

So I had extra potatoes from my picadillo video and extra jalapenos from my candied jalapeno video and I need to figure out what to make. First thought was to make fries topped with jalapenos and cheese but then I didn't want to fry anything. So I decided on trying to make spicy mashed potatoes. Good news, I love mashed potatoes. Bad news, I need a new potato peeler because mine is dull. I chopped up the potatoes and boiled them in salted water. I accidentally had my camera on slow mode. So this part looks like I used a lot of salt but I mean, at least the shot turned out kind of cool.

Then I deseeded the jalapenos and chopped them up. I added 5 tbsp of butter into a pan. Once it all melted, I added the jalapenos and let it cook. At this moment I decided to chop up some garlic and add it as well since it can't hurt. Then I checked on the potatoes and they were fork-tender so I drained and mashed. I added the garlic butter jalapeno mixture to the mashed potatoes and mixed it up really well. I wish my nephew was here to say mix, mix, mix. I added about half a cup of milk to make it creamy and then I did a little taste test. It needed some salt and pepper. Honestly, this is something that I would make again. You can taste everything, the garlic, butter, and jalapenos. I had them with some chili lime wings from yesterday's video.


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