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I ordered Malaysian food

There's a Malaysian restaurant in town that I've been wanting to try so I ordered carry out from them. Their restaurant name is Malaysia Cafe and I got their Malaysian pancake char kway teow, nasi lemak and then I think I ordered the same thing again because it looks similar but it was the curry chicken rice. And then I also got the barbecue pork. I started off with the pancake first since it seemed like an appetizer. The dipping sauce tasted like a curry to me and the pancake was dense and fluffy at the same time.

Then, I tried the barbecue pork. Unfortunately it was a little dried out but that's just one of the downsides of carry out. I rehydrated it with some of the sweet garlic chili sauce that they provided. The curry chicken tasted similar to Vietnamese curry dishes that my mom makes, so that took me to my happy place. The flat noodles cooked in the thick soy sauce were delicious. I just love when bean sprouts and pickled jalapenos are added to noodles. The nasi lemak was an interesting combo- curry chicken and salty anchovies. Somehow, it worked. I just kept creating the ultimate bites. There's just something about rice and curry that hits the spot.


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