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I tried a self-heating hotpot for the first time

In today's video, I will be trying a self-heating hotpot. It's a 15 minute cooking process and it seems pretty easy to do. Inside the packaging, you can find pickled veggies, vermicelli noodles, Chinese sausage, tomato flavor hotpot seasoning, the heating pack, and some utensils. So, I added everything into the tray. By the way, these sausages are called Lap Cheong in Vietnamese and they are so good in fried rice! I've always been a huge fan of spicy hot pot flavorings but I've recently been hooked on the tomato broths. I'm excited to try this one. The next step was adding cold water to the fill line, both in the food try and the main one. Then, I removed the heat pack from it's packaging while trying not to worry about all the warnings on it.

I added it to the water, put in the food, and covered it up with the lid. Within 20 seconds, it started steaming up immediately and it was really cool to see. While I waited for the 15 minutes to be up, I opened the utensils bag to see what was inside. It had a sturdy spoon, a toothpick, which was very considerate of them and chopsticks, that you assemble yourself. The food was done and everything cooked really well. The veggies and sausages looked really good but the first thing you should always do is to taste the broth. As expected, the tomato broth never fails. I love this, but honestly, I would probably only buy for when I wanted to eat on the road or camping trip.

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