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I tried to eat a sandwich like my roommate

So I didn't notice this until people started talking about it in the comments. Like yeah, my roommate eats her sandwiches differently. I spent hours editing the cheeseballs video and didn't even notice. She was taking bites of her sandwich and only eating the crust. But the bites weren’t even next to each other. They were all over the place. When I asked her about it she said she likes to save the best bite for last. So, I'm going to give it a try to see if it enhances the eating experience.

I whisked up 2 eggs with salt and pepper and added some sour cream that I needed to get rid of. This sour cream didn't whisk in completely but oh well. I added some butter to the pan and cooked the eggs. I like cooking them just a little under done because it continues to cook while it's being plated. I added it to some toasted bread and because I could, I added some jalapenos and sriracha for a little bit of a kick. I'm also adding some Greek olives on the side to munch on. Now it's time to eat a sandwich like my roommate. First and second bites were good. The third bite, I switched it up a bit and ate on the other side. I felt very uncomfortable doing this and it progressively got worse. So my apologies. I was so into eating this sandwich and I failed. I failed to eat a sandwich like my roommate does. How? I do not know.


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