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My first time making a tofu burger | leftover challenge

Welcome back to another episode of, I don't know what I'm doing in the kitchen. I had a bunch of random stuff that was about to go bad so I decided to make a tofu burger, even though I never made one before. First thing I did was wrap the tofu in paper towels and put something heavy on it to get as much liquid out as possible. I had some garlic, napa cabbage, and Cha Lui, which is a Vietnamese pork sausage. I combined all of that and added some salt and pepper, soy sauce, sriracha, egg, and flour. Does it look kinda weird? Yes, but it's too late to back out now.

I dipped them in water and cornstarch mix thinking it would help hold it together but no. It made them break apart. So, I had to be really gentle. Then I just cooked it in oil in a cast iron skillet. The reason I thought of the tofu burger was because I had some sweet Hawaiian buns that I needed to use. I just buttered them up and put them in a toaster. Next, I added sharp cheddar cheese and sautéed mushrooms. I also decided to fry an egg because, why not. And this turned out 100x better than I thought it would have been. I'm glad the ingredients didn't go to waste.

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