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My mental health

Mental health is something I never considered when I was younger. I just didn't know it was a thing. I was taught to keep my emotions in check and to not cry. Because to cry was to be weak and to be weak was to bring shame to your family. I'm not saying I grew up in a horrible family or anything. I love my parents and I'm grateful for all the sacrifices they've made for our family. But, regarding mental health they only know what their parents taught them and I didn't realize how much that affected me until I started seeing a therapist after college. It's actually funny the reason why I started seeing her, I couldn't stay in a relationship for longer than 3 months. I thought I had commitment issues. So during my first visit, when my therapist found out why I was there. I could tell she was a little annoyed because she told me I'm young and I just haven't met anyone I liked enough.

But, we started delving more into my life and I never cry in front of people but I began crying to this complete stranger. The pain was overwhelming digging up things I have never told anyone else but then she started crying for me and I have never felt the level of empathy before. I know for a fact, I wouldn't be here at this moment doing what I love if it weren't for her. And, I say this because if you're feeling down, anxious, sad, just know that those feelings are valid and if you're able to, please get help. I know this was a bit heavier than most of my content but just know that there are people out there who care for you.


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