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Someone recognized me at the grocery store

Someone recognized me at the grocery store yesterday and I just have to apologize. I have never been recognized in public before so I was a little taken aback. Not because of how they were acting. They were extremely friendly and I was just going for some garlic. I heard someone behind me ask, "excuse me, are you Lisa Nguyen from Youtube?". I said yes and then I kind of just froze because I didn't know what to do. They were telling me that they found out that I was from that city. I was kind of just nodding but in my defense, I also had my sister on the line on my headphones so I was all over the place.

So again, I just want to apologize because I didn't engage more in the conversation. So if you were that guy that saw me yesterday, just know that if I weren't so awkward I would've like asked you for your name and more about you instead of just nodding my head. But thank you for your kind words. You were very nice. Feel free to DM me on Instagram and I'll say more than 2 words. I promise.

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