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Spicy Hot Cheetos Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I woke up this morning and found out it was national grilled cheese sandwich day. So, I was like, let's make one! But let's spice it up a bit because, why not? I ground up some hot cheetos but I don't think my blender was made for it. So I had to shake it a little bit. I buttered up 2 slices of bread and coated it in the hot cheetos dust. Then I picked up mango habanero gouda cheese from the store and attempted to slice it. Was it too much cheese? Yes. But there's no going back at this point because I was too lazy.

I toasted the bread, hot cheetos dust side down and the cheese. Then, I put a lid on to help the cheese melt. I added hot cheetos to the center and not so smart move, I used my hands to flip the bread over. It hurt but the show must go on. Once the cheese looked somewhat melted, I took it off the heat and sliced it in half. It wasn't bad but it was very cheesy and unhealthy. My body wasn't sure how to process it, I think. But I'm not a big cheese person anyway so that could be it as well. Maybe I'll make it again on the next national grilled cheese sandwich day.

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