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Thank you for 900k!

Why do I have 2 channels? Some of you may know the answer to this if you watched one of my earlier videos. This was just supposed to be a test account to be honest. A few years ago, I started my first YouTube channel. I went to restaurants, shot videos, interviewed the owners and made a long video for YouTube. Then, I chopped down the video to post onto Facebook and then chopped it down even further to post it on Snapchat and Instagram. Then, in November of last year, I heard about YouTube shorts. So, I created a second channel, thinking it would just be a test account where I posted all my short videos to see how they would do. Well, it blew up and I started posting more consistently and creating more content specifically for this channel. So now I have 2 different channels. One for highlighting family owned restaurants and this one for cooking in the kitchen. Once I start traveling again, I think I'll be posting more street foods on this channel. My goal is to keep up with both channels. But, I hope you all understand if I may slack from time to time. Both of my channels have grown quite a bit, so I'm trying my best to keep up. And thank you, thank you for 900k! The support has been absolutely overwhelming. If I hit 1 million, I think my special video will be to try my best at creating authentic ramen. I know so many of you guys have requested this. I just know it will be really tough but I'm excited to give it a try.


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